The Vagorn sector

The Vagorn sector

I’ve taken some time to think about a geographical background to my inquisitor and his henchmen. This was rather hard because so as to spread it across the various boards I follow, I wanted something quite precise and realistic. I also wanted to create features such as 3D graphics of the systems like the one in But this site has been abandoned for ages… After many cross checks between many information sources, I’ve found the sector that would stage the lore of my inquisitors and henchmen : the Vagorn sector.

The map

The map itself was obviously to look like so many others : starfields, nebulas, planets, suns, etc … My main inspiration was this 40k starmap for the sectors:

And this one for the planets locations.

Here is my map of the Vagorn sector:

Vagorn sector

I also scourged the internets in search of Photoshop tutorials to build star clusters and nebulas.

The UI

To make up the starmap, I greatly inspired myself from the incredible work of ColdWinter at B&C, Forge Masters Sanctum. I admit some improvements could be done but I am pleased of what I’ve achieved. I might animate it one day if I’m brave enough to go back to my Flash early love.

The factions

This is also an important point: what enemies my inquisitor would confront? Since the creation of the lore at Bolter & Chainsword for my homemade SoB Order of the Ursulines, I wanted the enemies to be greeskins. The Orks are reflecting well the Huns in the martyrdom of Saint Ursula. However, an inquisitor should obviously face Chaos at some point or another. So, Slaneesh would come into play (yeah, Sisters of Battle + Chaos = Slaanesh).

As far as friendly support is concerned, I always wanted to buy an Imperial Knight as soon as they were created. So I had to find a location in the Milky Way where Orks and Knights were somewhat close to one another. And of course, with the release of the Adeptus Mecanicus faction, worshippers of the Omnissiah would also side along with Obeyron Sax.

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