Aggressor Bunx

A wise inquisitor knows how to use the adequate asset to tip the balance of a fight with an uncertain issue.

The aggressor is such an asset. Its impressive firepower is the last card up his sleeve.

Many inquisitors and their retinue had the hide of their back saved because of the timely destruction a weapon servitor such as an aggressor can deliver.

About the Ordo Vagornis arsenal,
Hendrick Goddard, 742.M41

Here’s a concept on my conversion of a OOP Ogryn trooper to a heavy bolter servitor. This link will lead you to my early concept of Aggressor Bunx.

As you can see, I’m trying to orient my modelling towards a more sci-fi/mecha design.

Aggressor Bunx concept

Now, I’m focusing on Aggressor Bunx’s heavy bolter, adding a few details here there, notably a feedbelt amo and the corresponding backpack. I’ll get pictures uploaded this week.

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