Aggressor Bunx

Ian Goss could not believe what he was witnessing through the lense of his las-rifle. From his vantage point, the hunter could see the smoke clearing and revealing a scene of utter carnage: Bunx had all but vaporised the P-TAC squad with a hail of heavy bolter rounds. Here their modified 6×6 cargo was shredded to pieces, there the makeshift balcony had collapsed, crushing the elite troopers beneath it.

“Bunx to boss, job done”, transmitted the aggressor with his distinctive metalic raspy voice. “Forward”, he added, striding over the pulped corpses.

The Protectorate years – Liber Vagornis,
Hendrick Goddard, 742.M41

The pieces

Here are the information sources I rely on to create aggressor Bunx. Some of you may have noticed the name, well, how original 😀
This is the name of a DJ producer I enjoy linstening to.

The list:

This is a quick summary of where I am heading. Of course, I’ll need to search my bitzbox to find what could come as close as possible to these images.

All this will also require greenstuff and plastic card skills which I know nothing of as for now. We’ll see.

Now, here are the pins that helped me theorise, imagine and eventually make Bunx, the aggressor.

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