Here are the pics of the test. At least, half of them, I need to do the other side of the mold. But it will have to wait, it’s Mad Max time at the closest multiplex.

Noone suspect the power of LEGOS !!

Conclusion :
I frakked it up. If you take a look at the 1st image, there is a sprue bit that would serve as the main spilling duct. I put it too close the side of the lego, there for now, at the bend, there is a hole …
Since I am in a test phase, I’ll try to fix with rubber bands a piece of plastic card and will try to cast.
An another hand, I pushed too hard on the backpack when molding the first half, therefore there are not much details on the second side of the mold …
Anyway, more soon, once I’ve done a few more progress.



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