Back on tracks


It’s been a very long time since I did not post anything hobby-related on my former blog. This is mainly due to several changes :

  • new job
  • new city
  • new flat with a girlfriend in it (this one being the biggest of changes)

Those last months were a huge challenge and I concider myself (and ourselves from now on) very fortunate.

But every once in a year, I manage to come back to my hobby life. However this year, I need to boost my morale for my minis are sleeping for too long.

So I (foolishly) entered the E Tenebrae Lux IV over at Bolter and Chainsword. I stick to my Inquisitors and their retinues, even if I’ve changed a few names here and there. The INQ28 concept suits me perfectly and allows for more personalization of the minis.

And of course, I’ve changed from Blogger to my own WordPress platform. I’ll have to modify a few things here and there but I concider this site ready for use.

There will obviously be a tide of new posts since I’ll copy and paste my posts from B&C to here, so bear with me.

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