Brand New World Learning internet rules

On a complete different part, when changing blog, I discovered another world. A world that our common friend (aka Google, like an old French saying says) was ruling for me. A world where the bigger the pictures, the better the quality, the more serious you appeared.

Being an IT professional, running my own blog on a Unbuntu 14.02 LTS VPS, it was important to me to monitor the health of my own private internet space. I then learned about all that is website optimization and the tools of the trade. appears to be the figurehead for website performance testing.

For those who know those things and find them interesting, here is the grade ofmy previous blog @Blogspot :



The top grades are what matter. Here is the actual blog performances and grades :





I must admit, I am rather proud of what I’ve achieved so far. All is not green, but it’s progressing. Now what lacks the most is the number of visit, ofc 😀

But I’m working on it, changing forums signatures and making myself known where I can.

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